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Purchase for the following price or terms:

Deposit:  __________   Balance: ________

Deposits are required to hold a kitten until pick-up. Due to new federal regulations we do not ship kittens or cats. Buyer must come to the cattery or a designated place decided upon between buyer and breeder to pick up the kitten or cat for purchase. DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE and will be used for the purpose of boarding if purchase is canceled by the buyer.  A deposit is 50% of the purchase price in cashier's check or postal money order.  A signed contract must be sent with the deposit. A charge for delivery in the amount of $.45 per mile to a designated location and back from Murfreesboro, TN will also be charged if buyer desires that breeder meet the purchaser for delivery to a designated location. This will be in cash, cashier's check, or postal money order. We will not accept a personal check.

Purchaser Agrees To the Following Standards of Care

1. The new owner must realize that caring for a cat is costly and they should not undertake this responsibility if they cannot provide adequate care. 
2. Under no circumstances will this cat be sold, leased, released, or given to any pet shop, laboratory of similar facility.
3. Adequate indoor litter boxes will be provided and this cat will not be allowed to roam outdoors but kept indoors to maintain protection against disease and injury.
4. The cat or kitten will be kept well groomed and well fed and receive immediate veterinary care when needed at the new owner's expense.
5. This cat or kitten will be spayed or neutered prior to reaching 9 months of age. This is important for the female to avoid health problems that result from going into heat and not being bred (pyometra). For the male this should help control the possibility of spraying.
6. The new owner will isolate the new cat or kitten from other pets for two weeks to give it time to get used to its new home and the new owners, gradually introducing it to the rest of the house and other pets.
7. Transitioning to a new home is stressful to any cat or kitten and may increase susceptibility to minor illness. The new owner must be aware of this and adhere to the breeder's recommendations to minimize stress during this time of transition. Failure to adhere to these recommendations can increase risk and be seen as neglect.
8. This cat or kitten is to be transported safely in a cat carrier.

Buyer and Seller Agree To the Following Conditions of Sale

1. Health Guarantee:  To the best of the Seller’s knowledge, purchaser is receiving a healthy cat/kitten free of infectious diseases, or life-threatening congenital defects.  To validate this guarantee, purchaser must have his/her own veterinarian inspect cat within 5 days of the date or purchase (at purchaser’s expense). We will not pay any veterinary expense. If purchaser does not do this, the health guarantee becomes void. The buyer must send by certified mail a copy of the documentation from the vet visit within 10 days if a negative condition is determined.  If this is not done within this time, contract becomes void. This is very important for both parties. The Health Guarantee is refundable up to the cost of the pet. 
2. We are a PKD negative cattery. Seller does not recommend the FIP or FeLeukvaccine. If either vaccine is given, seller cannot guarantee from this.  These vaccines have been reported to actually have given cats these viruses.
3. Since this cat/kitten is a living creature, seller cannot guarantee the lifetime health of this animal, nor that it will not contract a viral or bacterial illness sometime in the future.  They are like us in that we cannot detect when we will come down with something.
4. Since there is no blood test for FIP at this time, breeder guarantees this cat/kitten for 30 days for death from FIP. Laboratory tests and clinical diagnosis from a veterinarian reporting the death from FIP is necessary for a refund of the purchase price from breeder.
5. The cat/kitten should remain on the same food that he/she was on at Royal Green.  Their stomachs are sensitive and should be weaned off of their food at a gradual pace. 
6. Vaccinations/Worming:  health records will be sent with kitten.
7. Other vaccines needed:  Per Veterinary
8. This kitten does not come with breeding rights since it is purchased as a pet and buyer agrees to neuter or spay him or her at approx. 4- 5 months or by 9 months.

Purchaser’s and Sellers signatures indicate full agreement and approval of all above conditions.
(Signature of breeder)
Brenda Green  
209 Jakes Avenue
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Phone/Email 1-731-426-4713

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